Getting Started

                  Generally speaking, there are five steps in the process of applying for external funding.

                  1. Identify a funding source that is a good match for your project.

                  • Visit our "Finding funding" section for resources.
                  • Become familiar with funding trends and timing cycles.
                  • Contact Heather Johnston in OARS if you need assistance locating an appropriate funding opportunity.

                  2. Write the proposal.

                  • Notify your OARS consultant of your intention to submit a proposal at least 10 working days prior to the funding agency's submission deadline by creating a new record in eSPA (see below).  You are encouraged to contact your OARS consultant much earlier than that when possible, especially if you haven't worked with OARS before.
                  • Review the guidelines in the RFP carefully; if necessary, contact your OARS consultant for help interpreting the guidelines.
                  • Contact your OARS consultant if you have any questions about Miami or agency procedures.
                  • Contact Research Compliance staff if you have any questions about research compliance requirements.
                  • Consider contacting the program officer or other agency contact to inquire whether your project is a good fit for their program.
                  • Visit for data management plan guidance and examples.
                  • Visit our "Grant writing resources" page for proposal writing resources.
                  • Visit our "Proposal preparation resources" section for standard data and language often included in proposals.

                  3. Draft the budget.

                  • Think through your project carefully and identify what resources you will need to complete it.
                  • Ask for what you actually need to complete the project — no more and no less.
                  • Visit our "Budget resources" page for institutional information you may need to complete the budget, including fringe benefit and indirect cost rates.
                  • Submit a draft of the budget to your OARS consultant, who will help you develop the final budget and budget justification.
                  • Release the final approved budget to your OARS consultant in eSPA at least two working days prior to the funding agency's submission deadline.

                  4. Open a new record in eSPA.

                  • At least ten working days prior to the funding agency's submission deadline, login to eSPA and create a new proposal record by:
                    • Clicking on the Cayuse SP link;
                    • Clicking on Start New Proposal in the Proposal Dashboard;
                    • Filling in the requested information.

                  Visit our "eSPA" page for additional information and support.

                  5. Submit the proposal.

                  • In eSPA, release the final proposal -- including an approved budget -- to your OARS consultant for final review at least two working days prior to the funding agency's submission deadline.

                  Post-award accounting is handled by the Grants & Contracts office.

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