Technology Transfer

                  As a unit of the Office for the Advancement for Research and Scholarship, the mission of the Office of Technology Transfer & Business Partnerships is to identify commercializable technologies and discoveries that originate from research activities on campus and find pathways to partnerships that will lead to marketed products that benefit society.

                  We are an innovation resource for Miami faculty, staff and students. We work with inventors and researchers to identify new approaches to solving problems or meeting needs that can be protected with the creation of intellectual property rights. In addition to working with innovators to assess and identify the right opportunities for investment of the university’s patent funds, we also market the university’s portfolio of innovation cases to potential licensees for further development and assist with corporate research relationships, material transfers, and nondisclosure/confidentiality agreements.

                  Miami inventors/researchers can begin the conversation by completing an invention disclosure form and/or contacting Jim Oris, Associate Provost for Research and Scholarship.

                  Contact us: technology transfer

                  Jim Oris
                  Associate Provost for Research and Scholarship
                  102 Roudebush Hall

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